Counseling / Outpatient

The Mental Health Professionals of the Outpatient / Counseling Program at Northwestern Mental Health Center work directly with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental and emotional problems. Based on the professional traditions of psychology, psychiatry, and clinical social work; licensed mental health professionals from all three of these traditions utilize the interventions of psychotherapy, medicine, and objective testing to promote mental health. As the original core of the Community Mental Health efforts, the Outpatient / Counseling program now works in conjunction with all of the other programs at the Mental Health Center in pursuing theover-all mission of the Center.

These professionals also work closely with other programs and agencies in our areas such as community corrections, probation, courts, county social services, chemical dependency, hospitals, clinics, state and other area mental health services to provide a far-reaching and broad array of services.

The Outpatient/Counseling Program, in collaboration with the other programs of the Center, provides services in the following three areas:

PREVENTION of mental health problems through education, and early intervention;

BRIEF TREATMENT of mental health relationship problems through the provision of short- term counseling, psychiatry, and other special services to individuals and families experiencing occasional difficulties; and

INTEGRATED CARE for persons who will experience recurring episodes or continuing and chronic symptoms related to mental illness as well has co-occurring disorders including chronic physical health disorders and chemical dependency.