Northwestern Adult Foster Care

Northwestern Mental Health Center, Inc. has expanded its service continuum in mental health treatment to include Adult Foster Care for people with difficult behavior due to serious and persistent mental illness. Northwestern Adult Foster Care (NWFC), as a component of Northwestern Apartments, is a transitional home providing quality supervised living for 4 people with 24-hour staff availability in a safe, healthy, and supportive apartment style environment with staff directly supervising residents in their living quarters.  The Adult Foster Care Program is more intensive than the traditional Northwestern Apartments program.

NWFC incorporates two comfortably furnished apartments containing four bedrooms, two bathrooms; separate dining and living areas, and home style kitchens. These accommodations coupled with the comfortable common areas, meeting room, and reception area creates a warm atmosphere which provides space for both private and social interaction. Individual residents are encouraged, through NWFC staff supports and assistance, to maintain independence in tasks of daily living such as hygiene, grooming, dressing, eating, and taking medications, mobility, and simple housekeeping. NWFC staff will provide assistance and training in instrumental tasks of daily living, such as daily scheduling, arranging transportation, clothing care, housekeeping, food preparation, money management, shopping, using the telephone or computer to communicate, participating in community activities and attending medical appointments.  The professional staff provides an environment for individuals to work toward their personal recovery goals.

NWFC accepts male and female adults who have a serious mental illness and are in need of transitional housing.  Referrals must be at least 18 years old and residents of Minnesota. Contact NWA Program Director to make a referral.

*Both Northwestern Apartments and Northwestern Foster Care receive support from HUD and the United Way.